Up And Running

Ambleside Theatre Voices is now up and running.

After a very successful meet and greet taster session, we went on to have a very enjoyable first rehearsal.  Setting up a new group can always be a worry, there’s no guarantee you’ll get enough interest to get the group up and running and you don’t always get the response you’d like.  However we needn’t have worried, Ambleside certainly didn’t let us down and we were off to a flying start, with numbers increasing at only our second rehearsal.

Every Theatre Voices group develops at its own pace, it has its own dynamic and even develops its own personality; but this takes time.  Often it’s not until three months down the line that we can tell if a Theatre Voices group will endure however not so with our Ambleside group; it’s fair to say that Ambleside Theatre Voices will indeed continue for as long as we have a venue to rehearse.

A huge thank you to all our current members for their enthusiasm and positive input and especially to those who have made such a great effort to promote the group.  Also a huge thank you has to be endowed upon Helen and Jane at the Ambleside Parish Centre for their support and assistance in getting Ambleside Theatre Voices up and running and for allowing us to rehearse in a what is by far our best rehearsal venue.